Fall in Love with Your Decor - Simple & Easy Home Decor Design Ideas

Written by Leah Sparks


Posted on August 27 2019


Adding new depth and character to your space does not have to take a lot of design knowledge.Your home is a place for peace and memories, make it your sanctuary. The important thing is bringing in your personality to your space.  A great new color trend that is relaxing for your space is going green and gold.   


We recommend starting small so that your space is cohesive and not overwhelming with a mess of mismatched decor. Bring in pops of color here in there if you don't know how to work with color and keep it simple. Stay with neutral as your main base and add color with home accessories, wall art, furniture or rugs. 

Mix and match old and new is always what we suggest. Finding old pieces to add character and mixing with new is always a win. 

We have some very simple suggestions from the new American Farmhouse Style Magazine that Walls of Wisdom has been featured in this fall 2019. We defiantly recommend picking up the new edition of this one. 


As always a quick and easy way to add color and change your space is with wall art, be it canvas prints or digital prints. You can change your decor quick and on a budget with our printable digital art. Just purchase, print and frame. One of our top sellers this season is a simple and bright new print offered on sale in our Etsy shop. Add a pop of color with our Sunny Grove Lemon Farm digital print that make the perfect addition for your kitchen wall art, garden patio, entry or living room decor. 


Adding pops of color  and texture with the green and gold gives a relaxing vibe in your home and is also made simple with these gorgeous finds. Neutrals can not only be used with base of the design but with small accents in your decor.

1.  Country Line bellflower side chair,

2.  Scolloped edge metal table with wood top,

3.  Teal green distressed drawer chest,

4.  Katherine tufted accent chair,

Mixing things up by adding vintage with new can definitely make a statement as well as make your home unique. None of us want a standard cookie cutter designed home. So be creative and add unique details through out your home. It's the details that really set things off and add interest just like some of the following finds.



5.  Devin 7.75" light mini pendant natural brass,

6.  Lemon Farm Printable wall art, Walls of Wisdom Etsy 

7.  33 Brick mold rack, 

8.  Trunk coffee table,

9.  Yosi sofa,