From Country to Contemporary: Timeless Farmhouse Styles for Your Home

Written by Leah Sparks


Posted on November 22 2023

When you think about interior design styles, farmhouse strikes an appealing balance between comfort and sophistication. It's a style that honors the past while staying fresh and modern. No matter if you live in the rural countryside or the heart of the city, incorporating timeless farmhouse styles into your home can create an inviting space that feels both nostalgic and boldly current. 

We love the look that blends country charm and contemporary design, with art pieces that embody the farmhouse spirit while catering to modern tastes. As seen in Liz Marie’s - Five Favorite Small Shops, our farmhouse style collections at Walls Of Wisdom are the perfect addition to your decor!

Let's show you how you can blend the best of both worlds with timeless farmhouse styles.



Simplicity Meets Elegance

The essence of farmhouse decor is rooted in simplicity. Clean lines, practical design, and unpretentious materials form the foundation of this style. But simple doesn't mean plain. Adding elegance to this simplicity is the key to merging country with contemporary. Select furniture and art pieces that showcase traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist—think a rustic dining table paired with sleek, upholstered chairs. See an example of some of our pieces in this Laundry Room Makeover.


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Neutral Palette with a Pop of Color

Farmhouse design often utilizes a neutral color palette. Soft whites, greys, and beiges create a tranquil and timeless backdrop, allowing architectural details and furniture to stand out. Yet, contemporary farmhouse style isn't shy about color. Accentuate these neutral tones with pops of color—deep blues, vibrant greens, or even mustard yellows can bring life to a room without overwhelming the senses. Walls Of Wisdom’s range of home accents can serve as perfect pieces for these vibrant pops.



Mixing Materials

One of the hallmarks of farmhouse style is the mix of materials. Wood, metal, and glass combine to create a layered, textured look. Reclaimed wood shelves, metal light fixtures, and glass accents all play a part in this design story. The juxtaposition of a weathered wood coffee table against a modern, metal-framed sofa can capture the farmhouse aesthetic while maintaining a contemporary edge. See the sign below, and more examples of our pieces featured in the American Farmhouse Style blog.




Textural Contrast

In a farmhouse-style home, texture is a silent language that speaks volumes. A knitted wool throw, a smooth leather armchair, or a rough burlap curtain all contribute to the tactile experience of a space. Walls Of Wisdom’s decor pieces, like their texture styled wall art, can add that much-needed contrast to plain walls or minimalist spaces.


Personalized Vintage Farmhouse Style Wall Decor


Personal Touches

Lastly, the farmhouse style is personal. Just like the Office Remodel by Our Faux Farmhouse, It's a canvas for storytelling through family heirlooms, flea market finds, and pieces that have a history. Look for custom pieces that allow you to bring your own story into the decor, blending the lines between old and new.




With farmhouse decor, remember that it’s not about replicating a single style, it’s capturing your own mix of warmth, family, and timeless appeal. Whether you're drawn to the classic country feel or a more modern aesthetic, Walls Of Wisdom provides a diverse collection to help you create a space that's true to the farmhouse style yet distinctly your own.