Elevate Your Space on a Budget: The Art of Luxe-Looking Prints

Written by Leah Sparks


Posted on November 20 2023

Ever gazed longingly at those ritzy art galleries and wished your home could exude that same elegance? Dream no more! Dive into our guide on transforming ordinary prints into masterpieces that scream luxury. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a budding home decor influencer, this is your golden ticket to a posh-looking space without the posh price tag.

Achieving Luxury Prints Without the Luxury Price Tag

Quality Reigns Supreme
The foundation of a luxurious print lies in its material. Opt for high-quality paper or canvas, where the texture and finish transform a simple print into a statement piece.
But the real game-changer? Matting.

The Magic of Matting

Matting isn't just an aesthetic choice; it's a strategic one. Here's why matting should be your go-to for elevating prints:

1. Versatility at Its Best: With matted prints, you have the flexibility to switch out art pieces as seasons change or for special occasions.
2. Gift with a Touch of Elegance: A matted print exudes sophistication, making it an ideal gift that leaves an impression.
3. Timeless Frames, Trendy Art: While frames remain classic, art trends evolve. Investing in a matted frame is both budget-friendly and keeps your decor fresh and exciting.
4. Elevate Your Home's Aesthetic: Matted framed prints not only enhance the quality of your decor but also, the larger the mat, the more luxurious it appears.

So, the next time you're hunting for frames, whether at your favorite retailer like Michaels,  IKEA or a hidden gem in a thrift store, remember: it's all about the matting.
High-Resolution is Non-Negotiable
Pixelated art? A big no-no. Always opt for the crispest, highest resolution. At Walls of Wisdom Home, we offer high quality vintage style prints in various styles and sizes. Though many of our designs look retro wall art signage, we offer clean and modern prints as well. Check out some of our ever growing print art in our Poster Collection and Digital Downloads as well.

Frame it Right, Frame it Tight

Thrift Store Treasures: Aly Thompson of Aly Thompson Interiors spills the beans: thrift stores are your secret weapon. Those vintage, high-quality wooden frames? Often yours for a steal at under $5.
Not a thrift shopper? No worries. Dive into our ready to hang canvas wall art that.

Mastering the Art of Grouping Prints

The Odd One Wins: Ever noticed how groupings in odd numbers, like three or five, just *feel* right? It's the magic number for visual appeal. For more insights, Real House has amazing modern ideas for grouping gallery wall art.
Consistency is Key: Whether it's a theme or a color palette, consistency weaves magic. Dive into our Poster print collection that make a perfect fit for new homes, home bars and living room gallery spaces.

Spacing - The Unsung Hero: The secret sauce? Equal spacing between each frame. Polished Habitat by Melissa George  has some great tips and tricks for all styles of gallery wall grouping. 

Who said luxury had to burn a hole in your pocket? With a sprinkle of creativity and these insider tips, your space can rival any upscale art gallery. So, roll up those sleeves and let's bring some luxe to your life!

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