Iron Shell Chief Mural - Vintage Native American Headdress Wallpaper, Lux Woven Peel & Stick

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Size: 24"x24" (Inches) LARGE Swatch

Commanding Presence: Chief Iron Shell Native American Wall Mural

Celebrate the storied legacy of Native American leadership with our "Iron Shell Chief Mural," a striking depiction of the renowned Chief Iron Shell. This vintage black and white photo, expertly printed on luxurious woven textured fabric wallpaper, captures the dignified and powerful aura of the Chief in his traditional headdress, making it a profound statement piece for any room.

Ideal for those who appreciate historical depth blended with modern aesthetics, this peel and stick mural offers a unique way to infuse your space with the spirit of Native American heritage. Whether it’s enhancing an urban cowboy theme, adding character to a Western decor, or complementing a modern farmhouse or contemporary home, this large wall art mural brings both history and elegance to your interiors.

The lux woven texture of the wallpaper adds a tactile dimension to the mural, enriching its visual impact and enhancing its luxurious feel. Easy to install and remove, this wallpaper allows for an instant transformation of living rooms, offices, or commercial spaces, providing a captivating focus that’s both inspiring and educational.

Wallpaper Specs.

Enhance your space with our captivating textured woven fabric removable wallpaper, the perfect statement piece for expansive walls.

  • Custom-Crafted for You
  • 1/4 Overlay/Overlap
  • Proudly Crafted in the USA
  • Simple Application
  • Material: Luxuriously Textured Woven Fabric
  • Made to Order
  • Convenient 24" Panels for Hassle-free Installation
  • Eco-Conscious Inks
  • Ideal for Lightly or Orange Peel Textured Walls
  • Perfect for Renters
  • Note: We recommend a test application for heavily textured surfaces.

How to Order

Ordering Guide for Murals

NOTE: All Wallpaper Rolls and Murals will have Overlay/Overlap when installing.

Dimensions and Measuring:

  • Our wallpaper & murals are sized by Height x Width.
  • Carefully measure both the HEIGHT & WIDTH of the entire wall.
  • Our murals are available in large, pre-set sizes for impactful decoration.
  • Triple check your measurements.
  • Choose the mural size that best fits your feature wall.
  • Add your selection to the cart and complete your purchase.

Standard Wall Measurement Instructions:

  • Measure the height and width of the entire wall.
  • Verify your measurements to ensure accuracy.
  • Each wallpaper is custom-made; precise measurements are crucial.

For Walls with Doors, Windows, or Other Obstacles:

  • Measure the height and width of the entire wall.
  • Obstructions will be accounted for during installation, potentially affecting the design.
  • Ensure the chosen design is suitable for your wall's layout.

Measuring Sloped Walls:

  • Measure the wall at its tallest and widest points, disregarding any slopes.
  • The mural will be printed as a full rectangle or square.
  • Excess material, including sloped areas, will be trimmed during installation.

Multi-Sloped Walls:

  • Measure the longest parts of the wall for both height and width.
  • The mural will be produced as a complete rectangle or square, in 24" panels.
  • Any sloped sections will be removed during installation.

Terms of Sale

Walls of Wisdom - Terms of Sale Policy

  • Final Sales Policy: Due to the nature of each order, all sales are final. We cannot process cancellations or changes once an order is placed. We encourage you to carefully review and double-check all dimensions before confirming your purchase, as we are not liable for errors in measurements.
  • Custom Orders Acknowledgement: By placing an order, you confirm that the measurements provided are accurate and rounded up for full coverage. Remember, each product is tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Color Variance Clause: Adding to an existing order is common, but be aware that slight color differences may occur between orders processed at different times. Walls of Wisdom is not responsible for these variances.
  • Product Design Understanding: Our wallpaper murals are unique works of art, cut into panels for ease of installation. They do not follow the traditional 24-inch repeat pattern of standard wallpaper.
  • Shipping and Handling: Once your order is dispatched and a tracking number is provided, the responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen packages transfers to the carrier. While we are eager to assist with any claims, Walls of Wisdom is not liable for such incidents. However, we will coordinate with the carrier to resolve these issues and ensure your wallpaper is resent.
  • Reporting Damages: In the event of receiving a damaged item, please contact customer service immediately with photos of the damaged product, the box label, and any box damage.

Peel & Stick Installation Guidance

  • OVERLAY/OVERLAP: Edges will OVERLAY/OVERLAP when installing  
  • Gentle Application: Please apply the wallpaper with dry hands and use a squeegee carefully. Always opt for sharp tools when cutting for precision.
  • Your Understanding: While installing or removing the wallpaper, any damage that occurs is under your care. 
  • Mindful Placement: For lasting beauty, avoid placing the wallpaper in areas with high heat or moisture like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Self-Managed Installation: Please be aware that the installation and removal process is managed by you. Walls of Wisdom is here to support, but cannot assume responsibility for damages.

By choosing to proceed with your order, you kindly acknowledge these gentle reminders.

Installation Guide for Your Wall Mural

Before you begin, gather these tools (not included with your purchase): tape measure, smoothing tool, razor or utility blade, stepladder, and a helping hand.

Read the Guide: Inside your packaging tube, you'll find a detailed, step-by-step guide. For a flawless installation with minimal air pockets and seamless pattern alignment, please adhere to these instructions.

Step 1: Prepare Your Wall

  • Clean the wall using a damp cloth or sponge, warm water, and mild soap.
  • Allow the wall to dry completely for at least 24 hours.
  • Check for a dry and debris-free surface.
  • For freshly painted walls, wait 4-6 weeks to ensure full curing and color uniformity.

Step 2: Organize the Panels

  • Spread out the mural panels to determine the order of application.
  • Let them acclimatize in the intended room for at least 24 hours, lying flat.
  • Verify all panels are present and inspect for any defects or damage.

Step 3: Apply Peel & Stick

  • Murals typically include 4-6 panels, meant to be hung edge-to-edge without overlapping.
  • Ensure the first panel is vertically aligned.
  • Pro Tip: Mark a line one wallpaper width from the left top corner. Use a plumb line to draw a straight vertical guide. Align your first panel with this line.
  • For the subsequent panels, align carefully and press gently to avoid visible seams. Use the felt scraper from the middle outwards and from top to bottom.

Step 4: Trim Excess Material

  • After all panels are up, trim any excess along the top and bottom. Use a sharp blade for a clean cut.

Step 5: Final Smoothing

  • Once the panels are positioned, use the felt scraper to smooth out air pockets, applying firm pressure. This ensures the wallpaper adheres securely to the wall.

For the best results, follow these steps carefully and take your time. Enjoy transforming your space!

Wallpaper Installation and Care

Wall Mural Cleaning Guidelines

To maintain the pristine condition of your wall mural, here are some recommended cleaning instructions:

  • Quick Dusting: For routine maintenance, gently dust the print using a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster. This helps to keep the surface free from dust accumulation.
  • Deep Cleaning: For a more thorough cleaning, lightly wipe the print with a clean, damp cloth. Be sure to handle the print as delicately as possible to avoid damage.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: To preserve the vibrancy and prevent fading of your print over time, it's crucial to avoid placing it in areas that receive direct sunlight.

Following these simple steps will help ensure your wall mural remains a beautiful and lasting feature in your space.

Shipping & Refunds

Wallpaper Shipping

  • 3 Business Day Production
  • Personalized Production: Each order is uniquely crafted for you. Please anticipate a production time of 3-5 business days.
  • Complimentary U.S. Shipping: Enjoy Free shipping across the USA on all orders.
  • Standard Ground Shipping: Orders are dispatched via reliable Standard Ground Shipping.
  • Secure Packaging: Each order comes carefully rolled in a box, accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions.


Walls of Wisdom operates under a strict policy where returns or refunds are only possible in cases where the product arrives damaged or with defects. Given that each purchase is tailor-made to individual specifications, we cannot accommodate returns or offer refunds for any mistakes related to incorrect size or dimensions ordered. In the event of seeking a return or refund for a damaged or defective item, it is mandatory to provide photographic evidence showcasing the full extent of the print laid out, as well as close-up shots of the defects in question. It is important to note that products that have been partially installed are ineligible for refunds, emphasizing the importance of inspecting your product thoroughly upon receipt and before any installation takes place. Returns or exchanges are not accepted once installation has commenced.

As every order is custom-created, it is our policy that ALL SALES ARE FINAL, and we are unable to accommodate order cancellations. We strongly advise you to verify all measurements and details of your order meticulously to ensure accuracy, as we are not able to make alterations once an order has been confirmed.

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